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A revolutionary design for tents

base 14feet expedition tent The expedition tent is a one of a kind tent.
No poles, no hassle. In stead the tents are set up using pressurize air.

Setting up the tents can be done quickly and easy. All there is to it, is inflating the airtubes and secure the ropes. See all the steps here.
Once up, the tents sustain high winds, fierce rain and burning sunshine.
The expedition tents are of high quality and made out of sturdy polycotton, a kind of canvas that has proven itself over the years as a perfect material for tents. Although much heavier than the polyester fabric, the canvas tents is unbeatable in comfort and durability.

This tent has it all

An expedition tent will accommodate your whole family and still offers plenty of space for your luggage. expedition tent in the woods Thanks to its design, the expedition tent offers you a camping experience unlike anytime before. Thanks to its size and the lack of poles, the expedition tent offers a huge comfort thanks to its size.

Expedition tents are used by outdoor companies for multiple day trips. For overnight stays, the expedition tent is ideal. It can be set up quickly to offer a very comfortable accommodation anywhere. Setting up camp before the guests arrive is now a matter of a few hours. perfect setting for expedition tent
Campgrounds use the expedition tent to quickly extend availability, when all cabins are reserved. Or just to offer a total different experience for the guests: sleeping under canvas.

A special user of the expedition tent is America’s Tent Lodges. A company that rents out more than two dozen expedition tents on several campgrounds in the US. See what they have to offer at www.americastentlodges.com

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